Will swimming pool water kill grass?

Will swimming pool water kill grass?

When we are in the pool, we play, compete, jump into the water and do various activities that cause the water to run out of the pool and splash the lawn or plants around. Many people live worried about this situation because they consider that everything that touches the water can be damaged.

However, this damage can be reduced if you have a good management of the chemicals used to keep the pool clean. If you do not know the measurements of each chemical product that is applied to the water or you have doubts about the process to maintain your pool, do not hesitate to look for the right people who can help you solve your concerns and give you the best tips to have a clean swimming pool and a well-kept lawn.

When does pool water damage the lawn?

It depends on two factors, one if it is a salt pool and two if it is a pool that is cleaned with chlorine. When we have a salt pool we must notice if in our garden the salt levels increase, because in general the soil already has the necessary salt for plants or grass to absorb the necessary nutrients, but if there is more salt than necessary our plants will have difficulty absorbing nutrients and water, if this happens what you should do is wash your lawn with fresh water.

Now, if you maintain your swimming pool with chlorine, you should know that chlorine is a very strong chemical, however when it is diluted the damage it causes is very small, so when you get out of the water and wet the lawn with your feet or swimsuits, nothing happens, the lawn or plants will not be damaged, because the chlorine is diluted with the pool water.

Chlorine when levels are too high can cause damage to plants, but also in the body, damaging the eyes and skin in swimmers, one of the most effective ways to lower chlorine levels in the pool is to activate the heating, so it is essential to know how swimming pool heat pumps work, this way you take care of your body, your plants, your pool and you can enjoy the pool in summer, but also in different seasons of the year. Let nothing limit the fun.

If you have thought about watering your plants with pool water, have no fear, there will be no problems, most plants can withstand the usual chlorine levels, the chlorine in the pool is not significant to damage the vegetation in your garden, as long as you use the recommended levels of both chlorine and any chemicals you use. You may need to be a little more cautious with smaller, more finicky plants. Keep in mind that the chlorine wears off so there is no risk of damaging your garden. On the other hand, you can take the water out and place it in a bucket outdoors and then water the plants.

You may have doubts about the plants and wonder: What type of plant is suitable for planting around the swimming pool? You should know that there are different optimal plants to place around the pool, which are not damaged by the components of the pool, they are not going to be damaged by the weather either and look beautiful to decorate your garden and make your space a comfortable and relaxing one according to your tastes and needs.

Now that you know that grass and plants are not damaged by water, keep playing and enjoying the pool with your family and friends.

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