Charlotte N.C. Concrete Pools Vs Vinyl Pools

Charlotte NC homeowners looking to enhance the value of their homes, our family of concrete gunite pool builders will help your family make the right decision between a vinyl pool and a concrete gunite pool. For years Carolina Pool Consultants have worked closely within the local community, and we continue to work ensuring that the end product we deliver is financially viable now and in the future.

Vinyl pools are often most attractive to homeowners simply due to their low entry cost- this price is severely compounded however in as little as 3-8 years, when it comes time to replace the vinyl pool liner. Each replacement (including water) comes in at roughly $4000; homeowners looking to stay on their current property for a period may find they spend more time paying for their vinyl pool, than actually in it.

Concrete gunite pools provide homeowners not just with wide ranging customization options, but the concrete knowledge that their investment will continue to pay for itself, years down the line. Reinforced with rebar, Charlotte homeowners won’t need to worry about the repair bills vinyl pools incur should children, pets or overhanging branches puncture the easily damaged liner when they purchase a gunite pool.

Carolina Pool Consultants have taken an active part within the community for years and as your Charlotte concrete gunite pool builder we encourage you to invest wisely; building a concrete gunite pool rather than a vinyl pool will both increase your home’s value, and cost you less in the long run. We strive to create the absolute best customer experience with each interaction instead of churning out thousands of pools a year-

Speak with our staff today for solid compare and contrasts on vinyl pools vs concrete gunite pools.