What type of plant is suitable for planting around the swimming pool?

What type of plant for planting around the swimming pool?

One of the great advantages of having a swimming pool at home is that when summer arrives you can cool off just by going out to the garden and enjoy it, it is also rewarding when the space where the pool is located is harmonious and pleasing to the eye, so choosing the plants that go around the pool is an important task. Look for relevant information, get good advice, and you will have the perfect space to enjoy a hot summer.

Nature is a fundamental part in the world of decoration to give life and color to different environments, it provides tranquility, wellness and joy, so having plants by the swimming pool generates a pure space that provides clean air. There are different types of plants that can satisfy the tastes of each person.

When choosing the ideal natural garden decoration for your space you should keep in mind that not all plants can withstand the high temperatures that occur in summer, also some trees have very long and invasive roots, which can affect the swimming pool and the foundations of the construction, others attract insects and some plants can even foul the water, to avoid these situations that may incur additional costs it is best to use evergreen plants.

One of the benefits obtained when we use plants around the pool it’s cover the retaining walls, although many people do not use these walls because visually they are not aesthetic, they are necessary so that the water does not seep into the garden. Among the materials that can be used for the construction of retaining walls is concrete, this is ideal because it visually makes a better impression, those walls can be covered with tiles which will give a better finish.

Among the different types of plants that are appropriate for our decoration is a good alternative that is small, so you can enjoy the sun that enters the pool, that the roots grow downward and most importantly that you like the combination, colors and sizes, it is your space that you should enjoy.

Those are some of the plants that you can planting around the swimming pool

Palm trees:

It is one of the best options because their leaves do not fall, they must be removed manually, their roots are not strong and reach 30 centimeters, so the foundation of the swimming pool will be safe. An important tip is that the distance between the swimming pool and the palm tree should be approximately 5 meters.

Fruit trees:

The best options will always be citrus trees, the orange tree, for example, is characterized by its white flowers that give a touch of elegance and tranquility to the garden.

Laurus nobilis:

These trees are also known as Laurel. The average height they reach is 10 meters, within the characteristics that can be observed is that their leaves are shaped like spearheads, are aromatic and evergreen.

Boxwood shrub:

It is a slow growing shrub, ideally planted in pots.


It is a flower that has no smell, which is ideal because it does not attract insects; also its leaves are evergreen.


It is an aquatic plant, ideal to have near the pool, and blooms in summer.


It is an ideal plant to withstand the heat, its leaves are bright and when flowering does not dirty the space.

Something to keep in mind with the care of the plants that are around the pool is that at the time of maintenance, the chemicals that are usually used do not fall directly into the garden because this would cause the plants to be mistreated and may even die.

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