Davidson N.C. Concrete Pools Vs Fiberglass Pools

Davidson N.C. Concrete Pools Vs Fiberglass PoolsDiscover the difference a truly custom backyard retreat can make when you speak with our Davidson concrete gunite pool builders. Fiberglass pools compared to concrete gunite pools offer very little customization options in comparison to concrete. Our staff at Carolina Pool Consultants will break down the differences, and help your family make the best investment decision- both personally and financially.

Fiberglass pools are created from preset mold- preset both in design and size, immediately eliminating custom additions and potential options. After molding, the fiberglass shell is shipped to homes, wherein it can develop warps in transit that may not be apparent until the pool is settled inground. Sand backfill is used to secure a fiberglass shell, which can further shift during a heavy storm, eroding and causing hairline fractures within the fiberglass frame.

Many homeowners find they spend more time paying for their fiberglass pool than they spend time in it due to repair bills. Concrete gunite pools on the other hand are reinforced with rebar and poured right on the spot, allowing us to match textures with your existing décor and create custom addons such as hot tubs and water features.

Speak with our Davidson concrete gunite pool builders today, our experienced staff of pool designers will ensure your dream pool becomes a reality. Building a concrete gunite pool rather than fiberglass will not only save your family financial hardship in the long run, it’ll open up a wide range of customization options.