Eddie Johnson – Founder

The first in command, one of the most creative and innovative pool builders in the USA with over 30 years of experience. With a clear vision and direction, Eddie always puts the customer first. He truly believes that honesty, trust and hard work are the foundation to building great pools.


Plaster Queen

Hard work, passion and experience, with these three key factors she will lead your dream pool and turn it into a reality.


Gunite Godfather

“The crafstman” Attention to detail is his motivation, and delivering high end quality work is his main purpose.


Mrs. Scheduler

Thanks to her the process of your pool runs smoothly. Natural multitasker, keeping the administrative proccess fluent.


Brand Builder

Creator of creative graphic messages that connects CPC Pools with its customers dreams and projects.


Deal Guru

The Main link between CPC and our customers, he will recommend, manage & provide the information and knowledge to satisfy your needs and expectations.


Project Overseer

Monitoring the activities on your pool is his focus, He will oversee the construction process, ensure that codes are observed and work is completed on schedule.

About Us

Over the years, many things have changed. But, some things haven’t. Honesty, trust, and hard work remain the keys to being truly successful in both business and life. We call it “Doing what we say we will.” And we live it everyday. Welcome to CPC, we are not a multi-national, conglomerate corporation.

Our customers are not just numbers on a paycheck We wil be with you from start to finish, from consultation, to production, construction to completion. Efficiency without ever sacrificing on quality. Our biggest asset is our construction philosophy: “We get the job done right the first time. ” We intentionally don’t work on dozens of projects at once. In our experienced opinion, it’s much more gratifying to be able to meticulously build our custom designs with a keen eye, not ever having to worry about a tight schedule. We’re all about convenience. To let you in on a trade secret, the pool building industry is dominated by corporations and the demeaned subcontractors they hire. Each step of the job warrants a different subcontractor, or in layman’s terms, another paper trail for you to chase should there ever be a problem. The end result is a pool, constructed by multiple different companies, under no direct supervision, all with different standards of quality in mind. That’s not great pool building.

Our goal is to dominate the production chain so the customer gets their pool done right the first time, in record time, every time. We can proudly say we do most all of the major steps in-house with the exception of steps which require vetted, licensed tradesmen (plumbing, electrical, etc.) The results are disruptive to the industry. No longer does the consumer have to worry about which company did what. No longer does the scheduler live at the mercy of the subcontractors’ daily agenda. No longer are there lapses in accountability. It’s simple. It’s honest. It’s how pool building should be.