Newton Conover Concrete Pools Vs Fiberglass Pools

Newton Conover Concrete Pools Vs Fiberglass PoolsNewton Conover homeowners looking to compare concrete pools vs fiberglass pools often ask the same questions; what are my customization options? What hidden maintenance and repair fees will there be? Overall, just how much will my new pool cost? Carolina Pool Consultants provides answers to these questions and more.

Concrete pools compared to fiberglass pools have by far more customization options; fiberglass pools are casted from preset molds that severely limit both size and design, whereas concrete pools are poured right on the spot. This flexibility allows concrete pools to incorporate any size, design, custom options (think shelf seating and beach styled entrance) as well as addons that you could possibly imagine.

During transit from the manufacturer fiberglass pools can develop warps, that may not be apparent until they’re set into the ground- furthermore after a heavy storm the sand backfill the secures fiberglass frames can erode, leading to bulges and hairline fissures in the shell. Concrete pools suffer from none of these issues, and are reinforced with rebar to help ensure strength and stability.

Newton Conover homeowners comparing the overall cost of fiberglass pools compared to concrete pools quickly find that fiberglass pool owners more often than not end up spending more time paying for their pools than in and enjoying them. Make the right financial choice for your new pool, speak with our Carolina Pool Consultants today.