Iron Station Concrete Gunite Pools Vs Vinyl Pools

Iron Station pool buildersIron Station homeowners considering constructing a new pool can rely upon Carolina Pool Consultant’s experience regarding new pool installation. Many questions often arise at the beginning of a new build such as how much will this cost? What options are available to me? What are maintenance bills I might run in to? All of these and more will be answered by our staff at CPC Pools.

Vinyl Pools have what’s called a vinyl liner about them- very smooth in nature, this material is non-porous and has very small entry costs for installation. This however, is where the savings end.

On average, vinyl pool liners have a lifetime of 3-8 years, with liner and water replacement costs running roughly $4000 each. These costs quickly overrun the initial cost disparity between concrete gunite pools and vinyl pools, with the latter often actually negatively impacting home values for potential buyers.
Due to the material, may customization options that gunite pool owners become accustomed to are closed to vinyl pool owners. Furthermore, due to the thin nature of the vinyl liner the very tools used to clean pools run the risk of puncturing them.

If you have children, pets, overhanging branches and or have items without fully smooth surfaces, each could puncture a vinyl pool liner- concrete gunite pool owners need not worry about any of these superfluous expenses.

Ensure your family speaks with Carolina pool Consultants first before building a new pool for a solid understanding of the differences between vinyl pools and concrete gunite pools. Iron Station homeowners can contact us today for a comprehensive breakdown of their next pool build, saving time and money in the process.