Sherrills Ford Concrete Swimming Pools Versus Vinyl Liner Swimming Pools

Sherrills Ford Concrete Swimming Pools Versus Vinyl Liner Swimming PoolsCarolina Pool Consultants is the trusted choice for professional inground pool installation services in Sherrills Ford North Carolina. We get a lot of calls from homeowners across Greater Charlotte asking us which pool is better: concrete swimming pools or vinyl liner pools. The answer really depends on what you are looking for in a pool and our expert pool builder will help you decide which pool is right for you.

When thinking of your backyard and what you want your pool to be, do you want to create a specific shape pool with a specific depth and have a variety of water features like an attached spa or underwater seat shelves? If you answered yes, a concrete pool is right for you.

Concrete pools are built into the ground in your backyard, so they can be any shape, size, and depth that you want. Moreover, if you want an attached spa with an overflow water fall, a water fountain, or places to sit or exit the water, you can decide exactly where you want your stairs to be.

A vinyl liner pool, while has the lowest initial upfront cost, can easily be ripped from children and pets to pool equipment and debris from inclement weather. Moreover, if your vinyl liner does not fall victim to this type of damage it does require frequent replacement, lasting anywhere from 3-8 years.

Vinyl liner pools also do not offer anywhere close to the design flexibility concrete pools do and typically come in only a few select shapes. Moreover, you want to increase the value of your property when investing in your backyard with a brand new pool and many home buyers look for homes with concrete pools as opposed to vinyl for these very reasons.

Carolina Pool Consultants is your trusted full service pool builder here in Sherrills Ford and we can help you transform your backyard today. Please call us at 704-799-5236 for more information and for special financing on your new superior pool, contact Lyons Bank.