What is the difference between a corporate and local pool builder? What sets CPC Pools apart from the rest?

Do you build fiberglass or vinyl liner pools?

We do not offer fiberglass or vinyl liner pools at Carolina Pool Consultants. We have deliberately chosen to exit that industry as those methods do not meet our expectations for quality over time. For more information, please visit our ‘Pool Types’ tab above.

Do you offer financing?

We have a primary financing partner that we deal with directly and is available to all our clients. They offer a variety of affordable payment plans. We do not offer any in-house options.

For more information regarding financing please visit the LYONFINANCIAL site

What is Gunite? How is it different than any other concrete?

There are two primary ways to apply concrete for an inground pool. One method is called ‘gunite’ and it is dry-mix high velocity concrete application process. One of the benefits of applying a dry-mix includes not having to keep a mixture of wet concrete moving before application because the base materials are instead mixed on site using mixer trucks, an air compressor and a gunite ‘gun’. It also reduces the likelihood of air pockets or ‘voids’ forming in the shell as the high-velocity application does not allow enough time for air to become trapped.

The other application, that is sometimes implemented by CPC, is called shotcrete. It is a wet-mix medium velocity application whose strength primarily comes from the quality of the mix being applied. The mixture is deposited through a hose and is then meticulously troweled by our tradesmen to prevent any voids from forming. CPC will always use industry-leading materials in all pool shell shotcrete applications.

There is no discernable difference in the end result between the two applications and we reserve the right as the builder to choose which application would work best for a specfic build. There is no difference in price.

Do you offer pool maintenance?

CPC does not offer regular pool maintenance services or materials. Upon completing a pool for a client, we offer a standard maintenance package of supplies and a quick education course of proper technique.

Do you offer separate construction services such as concrete deck, landscaping, fencing, etc.?

CPC does not offer individual work if that labor is not specified in a full pool construction contract. We provide a full array of additional services for clients are under contract for a pool build and warrant specific work accordingly.

Are your designs fully custom or do I have to choose from a selection?

All designs are custom-built to form with the client’s specific yard size, elevation and aesthetic desire. We do offer advice in terms where money could be saved in compromise or where more value can be gained by adding additional features so ultimately the client gets the best value pool possible. We also offer a variety of signature designs we sell in complete packages at a significant discount compared to a fully-custom design, to help clients who would prefer to leave the geometry to us.