Huntersville N.C. Vinyl Pool Vs Concrete Pools

Huntersville N.C. Vinyl Pool Vs Concrete PoolsKnowledge is power, and Huntersville homeowners can have the power of smart investing by contacting our staff at Carolina Pool Consultants when deciding on building a new vinyl pool or an inground concrete gunite pool. A variety of factors need to be considered when purchasing a new pool, but you’ll find in as little as 3-4 years that building with concrete rather than vinyl is a smarter investment.

While vinyl pools have the least initial investment, over time they accrue expenses that far outweigh the original cost of development. Especially if homeowners intend to sell their home, a vinyl pool can detract from the resale value of the home when compared to a concrete pool alternative.

Vinyl pools on average have a lifespan of 3-8 years, after which time the vinyl liner must be replaced, with average cost of replacement including water replacement hovering around $4000. In comparison to concrete pools, vinyl pools are smooth to the touch however they also scratch and puncture easily. If you have children, animals, overhanging trees, or any times not smooth in nature that constitute a potential to fall into the pool be warry of puncturing the vinyl liner.

Rather than depreciating the value of your home, Huntersville homeowners can reach out to our Carolina Pool Consultant family to discover all the differences between a vinyl pool and a concrete pool. Create a home for family memories to foster years down the road by speaking with our pool builders today.