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Welcome to the process for your dream Swimming pool!
We will explain each phase of the Carolina Pool Consultants construction process. We deliver to our customers an in-house Stress-free, efficient environment where the life and integrity of your pool is our solid commitment.

A standard pool has 16 phases of construction, though variations exist. The agenda below is typical of a standard pool build with an expected completion time of 8 -10 weeks. Completion times will vary due to unique requirements of the site, weather conditions or scope of work. Excavation – Steel & Plumbing Short Stub – Steel Bonding Inspection – Gunite – Plumbing Gas – Electric Rough Inspection – Pre Grade – Deck Bonding Inspection – TileCoping – Equipment Set – Decking – Electric – Final Clean – Plaster Preparation – Plaster – Start Indoctrination – Final Inspection.


CPC will use a trackhoe to excavate your pool. The elevation and location of the pool are pre-approved prior to excavation, as well as the appropriate access route and the final location of the pool equipment. The CPC crew will excavate and form the pool based on the dimensions outlined in the customer’s contract, approved construction drawing, and construction walkthrough Heavy machinery is used during excavation. It is likely if not guaranteed, that grass, concrete or other lot materials within the access route will be compressed or damaged during the excavation process. Though the CPC crew will take as much care as possible, the customer is advised that Carolina Pool Consultants LLC does not assume responsibility for resulting damage to underground sprinkler systems private lines, grass, concrete, or other ground material in the access path. Prior to excavation, be certain that access is unblocked by any trees, shrubbery, air conditioning units or other items of import that may obstruct clear access to the excavation site.

Steel &Plumbing Short Stub

The CPC Steel Crew uses rebar to bend and form a steel cage in the shape of the pool. They will form the top perimeter, walls, Floors, spa, skimmers, and benches. The Steel Crew is responsible for bonding the steel cage. Following completion of the bonding inspection, the steel crew will set the skimmers, drains and returns. If the build requires a spa, the crew will install spa jets, airline, and drains.

Note: Steps do not require rebar for reinforcement and are formed completely in the Gunite Stage utilizing trowels.

Steel Bond Inspection

Upon completion of the steel cage, the Carolina Pool Consultants scheduling office will contact the proper local municipality for a licensed bonding inspection.


CPC POOLS GUNITE is concrete conveyed through a hose and pneumatically projected at high velocity onto the excavated and steel framed surface. In our dry-mix process, the dry sand and cement mixture is blown through a hose using compressed air, with water being injected at the nozzle to hydrate the mixture, immediately before it is discharged. It gives structure, reinforces and stabilizes all of our projects.

The nozzleman is key, he controls the addition of water at the nozzle. The water and the dry mixture is not completely mixed, but is completed as the mixture hits the receiving surface. We have the most skilled nozzlemen that adjust the water content instantaneously allowing more effective placement, especially when the project needs reinforced sections.

The Gunite Crew will require access to on-site water for the gunite equipment to function. During this phase, the gunite will be shot to form the pool shell. The shell will have a rough finish – an intentional result, as the plaster will adhere and bond to the surface more evenly.

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