Gastonia N.C. Concrete Pools Vs. Vinyl Pools

Gastonia N.C. Concrete Pools Vs. Vinyl PoolsKnowledge is power, and Gastonia homeowners knowing that a vinyl pool can end up costing thousands of dollars more than a concrete gunite pool may sway homeowners minds. Our Carolina Pool Consultants family of gunite pool builders will work with you to compare and contrast vinyl pools with concrete gunite, for a better overall financial investment.

Often times vinyl pools may be the immediately more attractive option in comparison to concrete gunite pools- yes, gunite pools cost more initially but over the lifespan of the pool and additions to a home’s value, you’ll end up saving money over vinyl options.

Vinyl pool liners have an average lifespan of 3-8 years, with an average replacement cost hovering around $4000 (including water replacement). Potential home buyers often take this into consideration when considering whether or not to purchase a home and be lumped with a major payment so soon after they close on a property. Reinforced with rebar, concrete gunite pools are extremely durable, with little to no real maintenance costs, and will significantly add value to your home.

Having children, pets or overhanging branches may be mitigating factors for homeowners considering purchasing a vinyl pool- vinyl liners can be scratched or punctured by the very tools used to clean them, as well as any objects that might fall in without all smooth surfaces.

Speak with Carolina Pool Consultants today for a straightforward comparison of concrete gunite pools and vinyl pools- there’s a reason our family of Gastonia gunite pool builders has been where the Carolina’s go to swim for years. Discuss your next pool build, and create a custom backyard retreat by calling our pool designers today.