Thoroughly customizable, excellent longevity, the concrete pool is the premier pool option where VALUE supercedes all other categories.


There’s no getting around the fact that materials and labor required to build a concrete pool are going to exceed the normal quote for a fiberglass or vinyl pool of the same size. However, there are many other factors that get roped into a typical concrete pool build’s price sheet. Normally, a typical corporate concrete pool builder will increase it’s overage substantially to make up for it’s need to subcontract out individual steps of the job. So in addition to labor & materials for that particular work crew, they also charge extra for scheduling and material acquisition requested by the subcontractor. All the while the customer sits with a hole in their backyard. At CPC Pools, we have no need to increase our overhead because we simply don’t need to. Since nearly all steps of the build are done here in-house, the man hours and wages normally spent scheduling, acquiring and receiving, are instead taken care of within minutes. So while, yes, concrete pools are naturally more expensive. With the right background in place, our customers have been known to receive quotes from us that not only match other companies’ price for concrete – but are actually lower than quotes for vinyl and fiberglass! Goes to show it pays to think smarter, not harder!

Quality & Customization

At CPC Pools, we have an incredibly high standard for quality. With that in mind, we cannot truthfully fool ourselves into believing that constructing a fiberglass or vinyl liner pool in our customers’ backyards can be considered a ‘quality job’. It is for this reason alone that we have stopped building those types of pools and now solely specialize in concrete. We begin every build precisely designing and measuring each angle and arc of a pool to scale – utilizing industry-leading architectural design software coupled with 30 years of combined design experience, our crew will know exactly where the pool is going and how it’s going to look before they even get to the site. In addition to using lasers to measure elevation, manual tools to finely shape the pool outline, and introducing triple-reinforced steel rebar into the frame (twice, for security) – we go every extra mile we can to assure quality throughout all of our projects. And while many pool companies may claim they can offer that level of attention to a vinyl or fiberglass pool, what they can’t offer you is your own dream pool. Fiberglass pools come in pre-fabricated shells that obviously cannot change once purchased. They come in many shapes and sizes, sure, but it will never be exactly what you want. As for vinyl, if harsh angles, intricate shelves, benches or anything remotely design-heavy is in your sights – you may as well go straight to concrete. Concrete pools are completely customizable, from shape to features to landscape. If you can dream it, it can be done in a concrete pool design.

We get the job done. RIGHT.