Newton Conover Concrete Swimming Pools Compared To Vinyl Pools

Newton Conover Concrete Swimming Pools Compared To Vinyl PoolsConcrete swimming pools vs vinyl swimming pools, what’s better? This age old question is one our Newton Conover pool builders at Carolina Pool Consultants have come across year and year again. Vinyl pools may have a lower entry price, but the costs will eat families alive; contact our CPC Pools family for a concrete comparison of concrete pools vs vinyl pools.

Vinyl pool owners make a conscious choice to sign up for recurring expenses when they build their pool choice; every 3-8 years a vinyl pool liner must be replaced. With an average replacement cost running around $4000, costs quickly escalate; these prices aren’t indicative of true vinyl pool ownership costs, as the very tools used to clean vinyl pools have been known to puncture them as well.

Pets, children, overhanging branches; truly anything without completely smooth surfaces can puncture a vinyl pool. Concrete pools are exceptionally durable, and reinforced with rebar. With little to no repair or maintenance costs, concrete pools can further be customized with addons and options not available to vinyl pool owners simply due to the nature of materials involved.

Reach out to our Newton Conover pool builders today; vinyl swimming pools compared to concrete swimming pools have a wide range of differences and options that could end up saving your family thousands of dollars. Get the facts on concrete pools vs vinyl pools and start construction of your new pool today.