Huntersville North Carolina Fiberglass Pools Vs Concrete Pools

Huntersville North Carolina Fiberglass Pool Vs Concrete PoolWhen considering whether to purchase a fiberglass pool or a concrete gunite pool, having an in depth knowledge of the pros and cons can significantly reduce costs down the road- Huntersville homeowners should consider whether or not they value longevity and customization, before they decide what kind of pool to purchase.

Carolina Pool Consultant’s family of inground concrete pool builders helps distinguish both how a concrete pool can increase your quality of life while maintaining reasonable expenses; due to the very material nature of a premolded fiberglass pool, concrete presents a by far more durable and overall cost efficient option.

While fiberglass pools have a smaller upfront cost than concrete, the very fiberglass shell can warp in transit to homeowners houses, before it’s even set into the ground. Whereas concrete pools are poured on site, fiberglass pools require a sand backfill when set it. This backfill can shift during heavy weather and erode over time, leading to hairline fractures within the fiberglass shell.

Rather than being hit with unexpected repair expenses from a fiberglass pool, let our Carolina Pool Consultants beautify your backyard space with a custom designed concrete pool. Our pool designers will stay with you throughout the build process to ensure the end product we deliver is nothing short of perfect.