Statesville Concrete Pools Compared To Vinyl Pools

Statesville Concrete Pools Compared To Vinyl PoolsGiving thought to a concrete swimming pool vs a vinyl swimming pool? Making such an investment should be considered from every angle before laying down money for a purchase- our Statesville pool builders at Carolina Pool Consultants walk homeowners through a concrete comparison of vinyl swimming pools compared to concrete swimming pools so they can make the best economic decision.

Surprisingly, vinyl pools cost more than concrete pools; while vinyl swimming pools do have a lower beginning entry fee, this cost is quickly clouded by the recurring price tag associated with owning a vinyl pool. Every 3-8 years a vinyl pool liner must be replaced, with average costs running around $4000/ replacement (including water).

These costs quickly multiply, especially if homeowners intend to stay on their property for any period of time. Furthermore, the very material vinyl pools are made with makes them susceptible to punctures from pets, children and the very tools used to clean them. Concrete in comparison is exceptionally durable; reinforced with rebar, concrete pools are poured to any size and design that homeowners could possibly imagine.

Building a dream pool is truly only possible with a concrete pool, and for many Statesville homeowners, this may settle the concrete pool vs vinyl pool question. Carolina Pool Consultants has served the Statesville region for years, and we look forward to further building the community through solid concrete pool design in times to come.