Gastonia North Carolina Concrete Pools Vs. Fiberglass Pools

Gastonia North Carolina Concrete Pools Vs. Fiberglass PoolsSpeak with the best Gastonia concrete gunite pool builders today- our Carolina Pool Consultant family has been an integral part of the community for years, and will help ensure your family is not overpaying on a new pool build.

When deciding on a concrete gunite pool vs fiberglass pool, consider the following; do you want a truly custom pool design? Do you respect a job well done? If so, a concrete gunite pool is the best options for homeowners, giving them the ability to fully have control of the design and feel of their product, while costing them significantly less in the long run.

To understand how concrete gunite pools help homeowners save over premolded fiberglass pools, one has to understand how the pools are created. Fiberglass pools come from preset molds, with limited designs and size availability. Additions such as hot tubs or custom layer finishes are not available to fiberglass pool owners.

During the shipping process from manufacturer to home, a fiberglass pool can develop cracks that aren’t apparent until the pool is set into the ground- furthermore, the very sand backfill used to secure a fiberglass pool can shift during heavy storms, leading to hairline fractures and cracks within the fiberglass shell.

Concrete gunite pools are poured right on the spot, and reinforced with rebar for added durability. Our Gastonia gunite pool builders urge all homeowners to build a concrete gunite pool not just for the customization options, but for the saved repair and replacement costs immediately saved through the life of the pool. Create custom step options, water features and more by reaching out today to Carolina Pool Consultants.