Concrete Swimming Pools Compared To Vinyl Swimming Pools

Concrete Swimming Pools Compared To Vinyl Swimming PoolsWaxhaw Homeowners seeking to purchase a new pools should have a solid comparison of concrete pools vs vinyl pools before they make a decision. Our Carolina Pool Consultants will walk you through the differences of concrete vs vinyl pools to ensure you have a solid understanding of the two before purchasing.

Just what expenses might a Vinyl pool owner encounter? Vinyl pools have a liner that must be replaced every 3-8 years, with an average replacement cost hovering around $4000. These costs quickly add up if homeowners choose to stay on their property for a period, however even if they choose to sell, potential homeowners consider the burden of these recurring expenses (above and beyond repair and maintenance costs), thus lowering the overall home value.

Concrete pools are exceedingly durable and require little to no repair/ maintenance. While vinyl pools can be punctured by pets, children, overhanging branches and they very tools used to clean them, our concrete pools are reinforced with rebar, and can be customized to any design and shape that you can possibly imagine.

Speak with Carolina Pool Consultants today for a solid comparison of concrete swimming pools vs vinyl swimming pools, we’re the best source in Waxhaw and beyond for pool building recommendations. Invest with confidence, purchase a new pool that will cater to all your family’s needs while keeping costs down when you speak with our Carolina Pool Consultants today.