Cornelius North Carolina Fiberglass Vs Concrete Swimming Pools

Cornelius North Carolina Fiberglass Vs Concrete Swimming PoolsCreate a truly breathtaking backyard experience by contacting our Carolina Pool Consultants family; Cornelius homeowners deciding between fiberglass pools and concrete gunite pools will find that the concrete option provides by far more customization, while simultaneously cutting costs in the long run.

Those who value a job well done and having control over their purchases invariably pursue a concrete gunite pool rather than a fiberglass model. While fiberglass pools do have a lower initial investment costs, over time due to durability issues and maintenance, fiberglass pool costs quickly outstrip concrete gunite pools in price.

Fiberglass pools are premolded, with limited designs and sizes to choose from; once molded, the fiberglass pool is shipped to your home and must be secured with a sand backfill to set in the ground. During the shipping process the fiberglass shell can develop warps and cracks that don’t become apparent until the pool is actually installed.

Securing a premolded fiberglass into the ground presents other potential issues in the form of erosion and bulging; especially after a heavy storm. As concrete gunite pools are reinforced with rebar and poured right on the spot to any design you can possibly dream up, their structure is by far more durable and resistant to the ever changing flow of family members that hop in and out of it.

Cornelius homeowners, speak with our Carolina Pool Consulting family today to truly understand the pros and cons of a fiberglass pool vs a concrete gunite pool. Whereas fiberglass is limited in design, building with concrete allows us to create custom steps, water features and hot tub additions that simply aren’t available to fiberglass pool owners.