Statesville North Carolina homeowners looking to invest in their backyard and install a new custom inground concrete pool rely on Carolina Pool Consultants for the best pool design and installation services. Our pool builders live here, work here, and have developed the best techniques in pool installation, providing you with the best pool building services in Greater Charlotte North Carolina. When you are considering installing a pool in your backyard, discuss with us the differences between concrete pools and fiberglass pools and see why recommend concrete pools for everybody.

We always get asked, “What is the difference between fiberglass pools and concrete pools.” This is usually followed after homeowners learn that fiberglass pools are almost always cheaper up front than concrete, which is what usually attracts homeowners to fiberglass. But, once learning of the many setbacks and problems associated with fiberglass pools, homeowners often realize the larger initial upfront investment in a concrete pool is well worth the benefits in the long run.

You see, fiberglass pools are always shipped to your home in their final form, with no exception. This is usually done after selecting a “style” of pool that you want from a catalogue, leaving little room for customization to fit your wants and needs. As a result, these pools are not physically built into the ground like concrete pools are, which means they must be set into place using a process called backfilling. Backfilling is often done with sand, to secure the pool into the ground. But what happens is, when the sand gets wet, it liquefies, causing extreme pressure against the walls of your fiberglass pool, often leading to bulging sidewalls. And, the problems don’t end there. Fiberglass pools are also subject to spider cracks, major leaks, even surface blemishes as a result of backfilling, a process that is unavoidable for fiberglass pools.

Concrete pools on the other hand offer limitless customization options to homeowners. Carolina Pool Consultants can create any shape, size, or depth pool that you want. If you can think it, we can build it! Moreover, concrete pools are more durable, longer lasting, and not susceptible to the same problems, such as bulging sidewalls, that fiberglass pools have.

Let us build you your dream inground concrete swimming pool in Statesville North Carolina. We will work with you one on one throughout the entire process you have a positive pool building experience. We build pools year round so be sure to schedule your Statesville concrete pool construction with us.

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