Statesville Concrete Swimming Pools Compared To Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Statesville pool buildersWhat’s better, a concrete swimming pool or fiberglass swimming pool? Our Statesville pool builders with Carolina pool Consultants has the answers to all of your pool building questions- curious about the costs of a fiberglass pool? What about custom options a concrete offers? We’ll roll back the curtain a bit below, but contacting our staff is the best way to determine the true differences between a concrete and fiberglass pool.

Fiberglass pools come from preset molds, which is not bad in itself, however it does severely limit potential designs, size and custom options immediately. During transit from the manufacturer and further during installation a fiberglass frame can develop warps that may not be apparent until the fiberglass shell is set into the ground.

Repairing these warps are expensive, even more so if further warps and hairline fractures develop after a heavy storm due to a fiberglass pool’s sand backfill shifting. When taken together, fiberglass pool owners more often spend time paying for their fiberglass pool than in and enjoying it. Concrete pools are reinforced with rebar, and poured right on the spot allowing us to add custom options that fiberglass pool owners could only dream of.

Save on your new pool construction by speaking with Carolina Pool Consultants today, the premier Statesville pool builder. Knowledge is power, and having a concrete comparison of concrete pools vs fiberglass pools can help your family make the financial decision that’s right for you.