Mooresville N.C. Concrete Gunite Pools Vs. Vinyl Pools

Newton Conover residents can transform their backyard with a beautiful inground concrete swimming pool built by local pool building professionals at Carolina Pool Consultants. No pool building project is too big for us to take on and we will not be surpassed in timely completion or quality of work performed on your pool project. Discuss your needs with our year round pool builders in Newton Conover today and let us go over with you why we think concrete pools are the best for your backyard.

Many homeowners often ask us “what’s the difference between fiberglass pools and concrete pools” after they learn that concrete pools are more expensive initially than fiberglass pools. Fiberglass pools are often an attractive option for homeowners that are looking to transform their backyard with a new pool. However, once we explain to them the headaches that fiberglass pools can cause, even in the early years of their life, they often go with concrete pools and decide that the initial larger upfront investment is worth the longterm benefits of owning a concrete pool instead of a fiberglass pool.

Not all pools are created equally, and in some cases, less expensive does mean inferior quality. Fiberglass pools typically are selected from a catalogue and are always shipped in their final form to your home. This means homeowners have little say in what shape, size, or depth pool that they get, rather they select from a “popular” list of pools from the pool installer. Secondly, all fiberglass pools are shipped to your home in their final form; fiberglass pools are not built on site. That means, they must be set into place using a process called backfilling. Backfilling is typically done with sand, which when it gets wet, it liquifies, creating a tremendous amount of pressure on the sidewalls of your pool. The pressure exerted on the sidewalls of your pool can cause them to bulge, an unsightly and costly repair.

Moreover, the headaches don’t stop at bulging sidewalls. Because of backfilling, fiberglass pools are also subject to spider cracks, surface blemishes, even major leaks. Why spend thousands of dollars investing in your backyard and quality of life with a pool that is destined to fail, cause you more money in the long run, and be a headache to you and your family?

Concrete pools on the other hand can be built into any shape, size or depth that you want with custom options like an overflow attached spa with waterfall or even water slide. Moreover, concrete pools are not prone to the same issues that fiberglass pools because they are built into your yard, rather than backfilled into place. So you don’t have to worry about spider cracks, unsightly surface blemishes, major leaks or bulging sidewalls as a result of backfilling.

Work with our Newton Conover year round pool builders today to come up with a design for your backyard. We look forward to helping you transform your space by creating a welcoming retreat that you will love using for years to come.

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