Stanley North Carolina Concrete Pools Vs. Fiberglass Pools

Stanley North Carolina Concrete Pools Vs. Fiberglass PoolsThinking about building a new pool? Carolina Pool Consultants is the best Stanley NC concrete gunite pool builder, and we’re here to help you better understand the difference between concrete gunite pools and fiberglass pools.

First and foremost ask yourself; do you like a good value? Do you like control over your purchases? Purchasing a concrete gunite pool provides customization options that fiberglass pools could only dream of having, and ends up costing by far less in the long run. Between surprise repair and replacement bills, fiberglass pool owners can find themselves spending more time paying for their pool, than enjoying it.

Unlike concrete gunite pools, fiberglass pools come from preset molds, immediately limiting size and design options. Often in transit from the manufacturer to your home, fiberglass pools have been known to develop warps, that may not be apparent until the pool is set into the ground.

Through general usage, fiberglass layers flake off into the pool, requiring repair and maintenance. Perhaps even more concerning however is the potential erosion of the very sand backfill fiberglass pools are set into the ground with; heavy storms can cause this sand to shift, leading to bulges and hairline fractures within the fiberglass shell.

Owning a concrete gunite pool is more than just the investment into a truly one of a kind pool- it’s an investment into your wallet through fiberglass pool repair bills you need not face. Our Stanley NC concrete gunite pool builders would be happy to sit down with your family, where we’ll discuss custom water feature options and additions to truly bring your dream pool to life.