Eddie Johnson
Founder, Owner, Operator,
CPC Pools

Carolina Pool Consultants is an organization which prides itself on presenting an honest self-assessment of the facts to its customers. Whether it be price, materials, design, or the construction process – we strive to be 100% transparent, even when it comes to reviews.

We understand that the personal family investment in building a pool is stressful, and at times it’s difficult to differentiate fact from fiction when researching and deciding on who should build your dream backyard. With this in mind, we decide to go an extra step after every build to, hopefully, make your decision a little easier: by letting past customers do the talking.

We offer no incentive, bribe, discount or otherwise to our customers for agreeing to record a testimonial or write a review. We simply just want their feelings about how we did – because in order for any company to self-improve, it must be willing to look in the mirror first.

You’ll find below a collection of our CPC Family Members who have gone above and beyond their consumer obligation to join the chorus of positivity about our products & services. In addition, you’ll find links to our independently moderated review sites. Read every review, watch every video – we want you to feel as informed as possible before deciding to take the first step.

Every family has a unique angle, a personal anecdote about what specifically made CPC Pools the best pool construction experience of their life.

We aren’t afraid to look in the mirror, and damn, do we look good.

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Keith Caminiti

Keith Caminiti, owner of Brooklyn Boys Pizzeria in Mooresville, N.C. sits down to talk shop with us about his experience with CPC Pools.

“With Eddie, from the beginning, what he told me he was going to do, he did. And he did it 110 percent, his guys were on point – when he wasn’t there his boys handled everything. There were no problems from day one to completion. It was the best experience I could have ever imagined.”

-Keith Caminiti, CPC Family Member

Bernard Family

Dale and Dave Bernard of Granite Falls, NC discuss how Eddie and the rest of the CPC Pools team went above & beyond their obligations to accelerate their unique pool build without ever compromising on quality.

“After we met Eddie, it was all over. He exuded confidence, was very persuasive. He builds them fast, he builds them right, he builds them well – and he did for us.”
– Dave Bernard, CPC Family Member

“I’d want to comfort anyone with the peace of mind and sincerity to say if you are blessed enough to get Eddie and CPC Pools you would be very wise to go with them.”
– Dale Bernard, CPC Family Member

Powell Family

Cory & Christine Powell take some time to chat about their experience building their dream pool with CPC Pools while having to overcome the challenge of having a confined space to work.

“Everything he’s told us from the very beginning he’s kept his word on and done it on time, sometimes ahead of time. Everything he said he’d do, he followed through with.”
-Christine Powell, CPC Family Member

“The most important thing for us is that when we first met with Eddie he told us what he was going to do and he did it. He was available by phone call or text message night or day if we had any questions. We had an idea of what we wanted our backyard to look like and relayed that to Carolina Pool Consultants and they came back quickly with a design that complemented our vision perfectly.”
-Cory Powell, CPC Family Member

Willis Family

Anne & Tim Willis of Iron Station, N.C. discuss their past experience with pool building, why they chose a concrete pool over other options, and what made them choose CPC Pools before considering the rest of the competition.

“I’ve heard of a lot of people around here with the fiberglass pools getting water underneath them and popping out of the ground. Then people talk about pools with [vinyl] liners constantly having to replace the liners because they tear or get holes in them. We just didn’t want to deal with that all the time.”
-Tim Willis, CPC Family Member

“I have friends of mine who’ve recently put pools in around here that have paid a lot more money, had a lot more heartache, took a lot more time…I just can’t say enough about Eddie and his company, it’s just this entire process has just been great.”
-Anne Willis, CPC Family Member

Don Neil

Don Neil sits down to talk about his past experience with another local pool builder, and why Eddie & CPC Pools raised the bar.

“[The competition] claimed to have a ‘superior’ product – but I had some issues… When I first met Eddie I was skeptical at first (he’s kind of a high energy guy). But you can see why because he brings that energy and passion into everything he does because he knows his name’s on it. Each pool is his own creation.”

-Don Neil, CPC Family Member

Carmen Janis

Find out why the Janis family picked CPC Pools to build their custom concrete pool. Some of the features include: Waterfall, Swimout Bench, and many more…

He was like our best friend through out the whole build, and still is wonderful to deal withCarmen Janis – CPC Pools Customer

Pat Privette

CPC Pools sits down with Pat Privette to discuss the beautiful swimming pool installed at her home in Rock Hill, SC. Some of the features include: Waterfall, Swimout Bench, Tanning Ledge and many more…

CPC Pools has built me a beautiful, excellent, well built pool and I’m the type of person that wouldn’t settle for anything less.

Pat Privette- CPC Pools Customer

Sandy Hegler

Find out more about the beautiful backyard oasis that CPC Pools built for the Hegler family Some of the features include: Waterfall, Swimout Bench, and many more…

Its always a great time in the pool

Sandy Hegler – CPC Pools Customer

Borges Family

Holly & Ron Borges of Lake Norman explain how Eddie & The CPC Pools Team exceptionally raised the bar compared to their numerous past experiences with pool building and construction contractors.

“What was amazing about Eddie is that he gave us a timeline – and the pool was done in about two weeks! It was amazing how we stuck to the schedule, everything was done professionally and the workmanship was outstanding.”

“We’ve had many pools done and gone through many companies, and there’s no one that is above CPC Pools.”

Ron & Holly – Borges, CPC Family Members

Diane Sanders

Diane Sanders of Mooresville NC has a lot to say about her experience with CPC Pools. Some of the features include: Waterfall, Swimout Bench, and many more….

He was with us every step of the way, that was REALLY important to me

Diane Sanders – CPC Pools Customer

Mahadeo Family

Check in at the “Mahadeo Oasis” and find out why the Mahadeo family loves their CPC Pool Some of the features include: Waterfall, Swimout Bench, and many more…..

We gave Eddie a date that we wanted to be in the Pool and he delivered on that date, he actually got it done early.

Micah Mahadeo – CPC Pools Customer

Fournier Family

Renee and Omer Fournier talk about what separated CPC Pools from other local pool builders, and their impressions and thoughts about our owner Eddie Johnson…

“We are extremely happy with all the people at the company. You have Eddie at the helm there that is out there selling his heart out on these pools. And it’s because he loves what he does, and if you take a look around you’ll see. This is the product of what he does, and when you love something that you do, this is the finished product”.

Renee Fournier CPC Family Member

Dos Santos Family

The Dos Santos family love their inground custom pool. Find out what makes CPC Pools stand out from the rest. Some of the features include: Spa, Fire Pit, Waterfall, Outdoor kitchen, Swimout Bench and many more…

What we really liked about Eddie is his excitement about what he does, you can tell he loves what he does.Joe Dos Santos – CPC Family Member

Lowe Family

The Lowe Family talk about their new inground concrete pool. Find out what makes CPC Pools stand out from the rest. Some of the features include: Waterfall, Swimout Bench, and many more…

It was amazing – the pool was built so much faster than we expected. The schedule was right on time.

Mark Lowe – CPC Pools Customer

Mark Tucker

Watch to see how CPC Pools bought the Tucker family’s dreams to reality. Some of the features include: Waterfall, Swimout Bench, tanning ledge and many more…

It was a really good experience working with Eddie, he did everything and a lot more that he said he was going to do. We were getting frustrated when talking to a couple of different pool builders – some wouldn’t even call me back, but Eddie called back within 5 mins of filling the form out.

Mark Tucker – CPC Pools Customer

Nick Pellicone

Find out why Nick Pellicone picked CPC Pools to build his custom concrete pool. Some of the features include: Waterfall, Swimout Bench, and many more…

Its was a great experience from the beginning to the end.

Nick Pellicone – CPC Customer

Bradey Family

A special thanks to the Bradey family for this awesome testimonial! It was an honor to construct there gorgeous pool in Harmony NC.

I don’t think that I could rate the quality any higher than what we’ve received. I feel like everything that we got was as promised and then some. From the equipment set and quality of materials and stone, to our fire pit, everything was above our expectations. – Travis Bradey

Eddie has gone above and beyond to make us happy anything extra to help our experience along the way and make sure that we got the pool that we wanted. The quality of the pool is superb.

Laura Bradey

John Spurrier

Find out why John Spurrier chose CPC Pools to build his inground concrete pool. Some of the features include: Waterfall, Swimout Bench, and many more…

Carolina Pool Consultants are the best company I have ever worked with. Everyone was professional and did exactly what they said they were going to do. We’re just totally happy with the way the pool turned out.

John Spurrier – CPC Pools Customer