Sherrills Ford Concrete Swimming Pools Versus Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Sherrills Ford Concrete Swimming Pools Versus Fiberglass Swimming PoolsHomeowners in Sherrills Ford always come to us asking which type of pool is best for their backyard: A concrete swimming pool or a fiberglass swimming pool. We also get asked which is better between the two. The answer really depends on what you are looking for in a pool and we will help explain the differences between concrete swimming pools and fiberglass swimming pools in Sherrills Ford North Carolina.

Let’s start with concrete. A concrete swimming pool can be any shape that you want, any size that you want, and any depth that you want. The reason for this is because a concrete pool is built on-site and “installed” in your backyard based on the design of your choice. You can decide on whether you want a deep-end and a shallow end, all one level, or a gradual slope in your pool. This is because of how a concrete pool is installed; we will dig and frame your pool, creating the exact shape and size that you want.

Moreover, concrete pools offer low-maintenance upkeep in the long run and are nearly indestructible from outside elements such as pool equipment, children and pets, toys, and inclement weather. You are also able to have water features such as an attached spa, waterfall, or underwater seat shelves.

Moving onto fiberglass, you have less options, but the upfront cost is typically lower. Fiberglass pools must be selected from a catalogue and are shipped to your home in their final form. Because of this, homeowners are limited to what their pool will look like, how deep their pool will be, and have little to no choice in terms of added features.

Many homeowners are attracted to the initially lower cost of fiberglass, but the downsides of fiberglass are why we suggest and install concrete pools for our customers. Fiberglass pools can be damaged by pool equipment and inclement weather and are very difficult to repair.

Have a conversation with us about your Sherrills Ford pool needs and let us help you decide which pool is ultimately right for your backyard. Let our expert custom pool builders in Sherrills Ford NC help you transform your backyard, today.

Should you be interested in financing your new pool in Sherrills Ford North Carolina, be sure to reach out to Lyons Bank.