Concrete Swimming Pools Compared To Fiberglass Swimming Pools

Concrete Swimming Pools Compared To Fiberglass Swimming PoolsFiberglass swimming pools compared to concrete swimming pools, which is better? At Carolina Pool Consultants, we believe a concrete gunite pool beats out fiberglass pools every day of the week. Waxhaw home owners, we implore you to consider the following information before purchasing a new inground pool; it can save you time and money down the road.

Fiberglass pools are extremely limited in both design, size and function. They are extremely limited, due to the extremely limited mold designs they come out of, which eliminates custom options entirely from homeowners. Those whom have an ideal pool or backyard retreat in mind will be less than satisfied with a fiberglass pool purchase, as it eliminates any and all custom options and additions for their personal paradise.

Concrete pools on the other hand are by FAR more durable than fiberglass pools could ever dream to be, reinforced with rebar and poured right on the spot. This allows our Waxhaw pool builders to design customized pools to fit homeowners every desire. Custom shelf seating, water features that gently cascade into the pool, hot tubs, custom steps and more; all are options available only to concrete pool owners.

Seek your own private paradise, but first seek the facts on concrete swimming pools vs fiberglass swimming pools from Carolina Pool Consultants. Making an investment as large as a pond should be considered from every angle before purchasing, and our Waxhaw pool builders look forward to helping you understand the differences between a concrete pool and fiberglass pool.