Charlotte N.C. Concrete Pools Vs Fiberglass Pools

Charlotte N.C. Concrete Pools Vs Fiberglass PoolsCarolina Pool Consultants is the premier Charlotte NC concrete gunite pool builder, and for good reason- for years our constant engagement within the community has fostered relationships and brought stunning creations to your backyard. These custom pools wouldn’t be available without you, or with a fiberglass pool- when considering what style of pool to purchase, consult with our staff for the rundown on fiberglass pools vs concrete gunite pools.

To understand the differences between a concrete gunite pool and fiberglass pool, it’s important to know how they’re constructed. Gunite pools are poured on the spot and reinforced with rebar, creating a strong foundation that can be customized with any design, layer and size. Fiberglass pools on the other hand are molded from preset molds, limited both in design, size and from any additions.

Premolded fiberglass frames can develop warps that aren’t apparent until the pool is set into the ground, a potentially costly occurrence for new pool owners that they have no control over. Furthermore, the same sand backfill used to secure the fiberglass shell can shift during a heavy storm, eroding and causing hairline fissures to appear within fiberglass pools. Through their lifespan, fiberglass pools can quickly amount repair costs that go far above and beyond their initial investment price.

Speak with the top Charlotte concrete gunite pool builders today- our Carolina Pool Consultant family will make it worth your while for your family’s financials. Building a concrete gunite pool rather than a fiberglass pool opens up custom additions like hot tubs, water features and customized finishes that fiberglass pool owners could only dream of.