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Charlotte North Carolina homeowners that are looking to create the ultimate dream backyard. With a new inground concrete pool and hardscape they can rely on Carolina Pool Consultants. We offer professional inground concrete installation services. Work directly with our customers to ensure they are getting the Charlotte inground pools they have always wanted.

An inground concrete pool offers the most customization to homeowners and are not only pet friendly, but nearly indestructible. Often times homeowners choose to go with a vinyl liner pool to save on the upfront cost, but liners can be destroyed and will need to be replaced as time goes on.

Storms can knock pool furniture into the pool or branches which can damage the liner. A concrete pool is a sound investment that will let you have peace of mind knowing it is safe against nature and your whole family!

Call Carolina Pool Consultants today to get the custom inground concrete pool that your family has always wanted. We can help you create a space that is inviting and enjoyable for years to come. As a Charlotte home owner you know that many homes in the Charlotte area have limited space to construct the pool of your dreams. Here at Carolina Pool Consultants we specialize in building beautiful pools in limited space. Weather it be a small backyard, or a sloping yard. We have the expertise to design and construct the perfect pool for any backyard, without blowing out your budget. If you’re looking for the best Company for Charlotte inground pools then look no farther.