What do you do in a gym pool?

What do you do in a gym pool?

Building a pool in the gym is beneficial for your business because it will attract more customers and will give a greater value to the services you can offer. Many people want to exercise without machines, they are looking for a more dynamic, fun or different experience to the conventional that can be done in a gym, it is also a space that people seek, by taste and necessity, to rehabilitate after an injury or surgery.

Swimming pools become a space for relaxation, personal development, exercise, cardiovascular care, discipline and individual commitment. Swimming or being in the water generates tranquility, improves mental health and even helps strengthen self-confidence because it improves physical performance and body appearance.

On the other hand, what you can do in the pool of a gym is to have dynamic and group classes led by a specialized instructor, have relaxing hydromassages or even swim in warm water, because inground pools have a heating system that enhances the experience when in contact with water.

If you are thinking of building a swimming pool in the gym, the ideal would be to have a concrete pool, because they are resistant, low maintenance cost, you can design it according to your taste and needs. Now, in this article we will tell you some activities that you can do in the gym pool to deliver complete and quality services to all your customers.

Pool activities

Therapeutic swimming:

It is beneficial to improve psychomotor skills, as well as stretching, balance, coordination and other exercises that help to improve certain pathologies.


For people with joint problems, this exercise is beneficial because it is low impact due to being in the water. Exercises are performed to improve cardiovascular capacity, contribute to tone muscles, improve balance, coordination and flexibility.


These are exercises of coordination, dance and movement around the music of any genre, it is beneficial because it helps the movements to be of low impact since they are in the water and you can burn calories without noticing it.


These are high intensity exercises that allow early results and contribute to improve people’s metabolism. Anaerobic activities are performed with strength.

Benefits of a swimming pool in a gym

If you have an inground pool, you can install a heating system that will allow your customers to use the space every day of the year, providing a permanent service. There are many people who, due to health problems, cannot be in cold water for long periods of time, older adults or small children who need to improve their motor skills but do not like cold water, so installing a heating system will attract more people to your gym and will give you a favorable differentiating point.
Swimming allows exercising the whole body as it involves the main muscles, so if a person is looking for results in their physical appearance quickly and can not have high impact activities, the pool will be your best ally. It is important to be clear that 30 minutes a day is enough to achieve resistance, strength and toning.

Being in the water helps to improve people’s mental health, because it becomes a space for relaxation, rest and tranquility, while exercising contributes to improve the physical, emotional and social state of each individual.

Finally, it is essential to think about the safety and welfare of each person who will enjoy time in the water, so it is essential to have pool accessories such as ladders for easy access, LED lights to keep the pool illuminated, in turn place pool noodles, vests, life jackets, among other items that contribute to swimmers are in the water safe, quiet and enjoying the spaces and activities that can be performed within the pool as a group or individually.

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