What pool accessories do you need?

What pool accessories do you need?

Many people dream of having a swimming pool at home for the arrival of summer so they can cool off on hot summer days, have a space to enjoy with family and friends, but having a swimming pool also requires responsibility and safety, so in this article we will tell you what are the swimming pool accessories you need to have a clean and fun place.

Swimming pool maintenance and care

It is normal that leaves, insects and dust fall into the swimming pool throughout the day, also every time bathers enter the pool they can leave hair, creams, sweat, among other things, so it is necessary to have a skimmer, which is placed on top of the swimming pool and its function is to store insects and leaves, it is recommended to periodically empty this accessory so it does not clog. At the same time, you must have a swimming pool pump since this device helps the water to pass through the skimmer, giving the possibility that the water reaches the purifying filter and thus returns clean to the swimming pool.

For this reason you must have a swimming pool filter, because it is responsible for retaining dirt, and keep your swimming pool cleaner and ready to be used for much longer. Do not forget that dirt or dirt can always be filtered to the bottom of the swimming pool, so it is advisable to use bottom cleaners, which are used to remove the dirt that is deposited on the bottom, you can find manual devices and other mechanical ones.

Finally, a leaf catcher is an essential accessory for daily cleaning of animals or other objects you may see above the water, keeping your space free of impurities, where the water looks clear and safe to enter to cool off.

Accessories, safety and lighting

Having a staircase helps the easy entry and exit of the swimming pool, look for them to be made of a resistant material that will not be damaged by water. If you are looking for people to enter the water without creams or oils, you can install a shower near the swimming pool, so people can bathe before and after swimming.

You can also install a solar blanket that helps to heat the water using solar energy or you can use swimming pool heating technology which is a controlled and advanced system to maintain a good temperature in the water so you can enjoy the swimming pool at any time of the year.

On the other hand, having alarms that warn when someone is entering the swimming pool will help to avoid accidents especially with the little ones of the house. Thinking about the care of children and pets, it is essential to place a pool barrier, make sure it covers all four sides of the pool and that children do not reach the closure.

Keep in mind that many people entering the swimming pool do not know how to swim, place a rescue kit near the swimming pool that includes life jackets, rescue tubes and a first aid kit.

Now, the fun doesn’t have to stop when the sun goes down, you can install LED lights that decorate the space and also illuminate it so you can swim safely as you can see all the spaces in the swimming pool. LED lights are durable and come in different colors to customize your space.

Swimming pool toy

You can have inflatables, balls, swimming pool noodles, water volleyball, among other toys to spend a pleasant and fun time with your friends and family.

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