Pool Artists At Work!

Watch Our Swimming Pool Construction Artist At Work!

At Carolina Pool Consultants, building and designing your dream swimming pool is not just our job…its our passion! We consider ourselves to be artist, the Michelangelo’s of pool design and are very devoted to delivering you the best pool possible. Our pools will enhance your backyard and make it the stress free, area of nirvana that you can relax in with friends and family.

We consider everything imaginable when it comes to making sure your pool design fits your yard, from the details of your house, surrounding details like fences, or the slope of your backyard…and who can forget the wine, hamburgers on the grill, and your favorite dog too! All of these features can affect how your swimming pool design may turn out and we make sure to pay fine attention to the details. We also make sure that we consult you and keep you involved in the process along the way, unlike other pool companies that may disregard your input after the check has been written.

We are also proud of the fact that we consistently get a quick turnaround on our pools. This means that you won’t have to wait for months on in before being able to enjoy. That can be tiresome and nerve racking and we understand that feeling better than anybody. We’ve even been known to have finished our beautiful pools before other companies even though they started earlier! But no worries, as we said before..this is our passion, so we make sure that each pool is quality work.

We can talk and tell you about how much we love designing and building dream pools for our customers, but you won’t really believe us until you see it for yourself. Check out the video to see our swimming pool design and construction skills at work!

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