How to clean a green pool and prevent it

How to clean a green pool and prevent it

When we have a pool at home, we want to have everything ready for the arrival of summer, however if the necessary maintenance has not been done during the other seasons of the year, most likely our pool is dirty. Cleaning a green pool is not an easy task, but it is something that must be done to maintain the beauty and health of the pool. It should be clear that green water is due to the accumulation of algae and bacteria that develop in the water due to lack of regular maintenance.

Be careful with green pools and do not let anyone swim in them, because it can generate health diseases, such as redness, dryness or even inflammation of the skin, can generate infections in the eyes, ears, nose and throat.

The process of cleaning a green pool can be a long and complicated process, and there are several steps to follow to clean it and keep it clean and clear again. The first step is to empty it completely and clean its bottom, it is recommended to use a vacuum cleaner for cleaning. This will help to remove any debris accumulated on the bottom of the pool. Next, a special pool chemical, such as chlorine, should be added to kill bacteria and algae.

It is essential to use a kit for cleaning a swimming pool, which usually includes a chlorine dispenser, a leaf catcher, a pool bottom cleaner and brushes. Having this kit nearby will allow you to do the necessary cleaning on a regular basis. Once the pool cleaning chemical has been added, the product should be left to take effect for a few hours. When the necessary time has elapsed, it is advisable to use a vacuum cleaner to remove excess algae and bacteria from the pool. After doing the previous steps, it is time to add clean water to the pool to refill it and return it to its original level.

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How to prevent green water?

To prevent the pool water from turning green again, it is important to maintain the proper chlorine level. Chlorine kills bacteria and algae that develop in pool water. A critical task for anyone with a home pool is to test the chlorine level regularly, usually with a chlorine measuring device, to make sure it is at the proper level. In addition to chlorine maintenance, it is important to keep the pool water clean. This means removing leaves, insects and other debris from the surface of the water with a leaf catcher.

To ensure proper pool maintenance, it is important to contact a pool consultant. A professional pool consultant will be able to advise you on how to keep your pool water clean and crystal clear. Professionals have the experience and expertise to help pool owners maintain proper chlorine levels, a balanced pH and give clarity on when and how to maintain the pool and everything in it, such as water pumps, filters and even the lights that make the space nice and clear.

Finally, remember to check your pool before the summer begins to not miss a single day of fun, maintenance and cleaning processes take several days so it is advisable to do it in time. It is necessary to make a constant maintenance to the water to avoid bacteria and algae, not only in summer. It is essential to keep the pH and chlorine levels under control during the days the pool is used to avoid skin and eye diseases, so every day you should collect leaves, remove insects, make small cleanings and check that everything works perfectly.

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