The basic kit for cleaning a swimming pool

The basic kit for cleaning a swimming pool

Anyone who has recently built a swimming pool in their backyard or any space wants to know what is the ideal kit to clean it. Cleaning is essential for the pool to be used properly and to avoid future problems. The maintenance of these places depends a lot on the type of pool that has been built and its composition. We must take into account some basic elements that can help to maintain it.

Of course, if we do not have a high budget we want to at least have some products that solve the basic cleaning needs. Here we will show you some of them that you should take into account for any type of pool and that can be very useful at any time.

PH Kit

The first thing to do before filling the pool with water is to check that the Ph is adequate, a pool with a high ph can make some chlorination products that we add lose their effect by more than 30%. The ideal and more suitable is to have a Ph between 7,2-7,6. Once the pH has stabilized, the pool can be chlorinated.

Chlorine dispenser

It is a deposit where the multi-action tablets are placed so that they remain floating in the water and are diluted adequately without damaging the motor of the swimming pool.

Leaf catcher

There are different types, some are surface and others are deep, both usually have a telescopic handle that will make the pool cleaning process easier. The first ones collect all the surface debris floating in the water such as leaves, insects and debris that are found, they have a flat shape. The bottom cleaners have a deeper mesh that allows them to collect some debris that is deposited on the bottom of the pool.

Bottom cleaner

This element is designed to clean the bottom of the pool. In contrast to the leaf catcher, it is responsible for collecting smaller particles or debris that the other element will probably not be able to remove. The most common ones are manual and are connected to a suction hose. The electric ones are automatic or battery operated.


Sometimes dirt sticks to the walls or bottom of the pool. Brushes are used to remove dirt from these surfaces and to perform deep cleaning. Brushes are specially designed for the walls and bottom but are also suitable for the corners of the pool.


The maintenance of a swimming pool is very important for its use and to enjoy completely clean and safe water for swimming. These are basic elements that are constantly used to maintain the hygiene of the pools.

It must be taken into account that in addition to these elements it is necessary to perform an almost daily maintenance routine so that the pool is in the best conditions. The care that must be taken not only to take care of the space but also to take care of the people who are going to use it.

Controlling and preventing the appearance of algae and other substances is essential when the pool is not in constant use. In addition, it is necessary to be careful with the chemical elements used in the pool. Some of these substances can cause damage to the skin or respiratory tract if not used correctly. Understanding which elements to use and also how to use them can help us to ensure that our cleaning routine is well implemented.

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