How often swimming pool water should be changed

How often swimming pool water should be changed

Everyone wants to have a clean and adequate swimming pool to enjoy the summer, therefore it is necessary to have an optimal hygiene in the swimming pool. This way you will take care of the swimmers’ health, it will be a way to conserve the water and obtain peace of mind when using the swimming pool. A proper water change is an effective way to keep your space in the best conditions. Don’t forget to hire experts to solve your concerns and needs.

You may wonder what things can be found in the swimming pool after using it? In them you can find sweat, hair, makeup, nails, dead skin cells and even urine and fecal matter, you should also keep in mind that the swimming pool can get dirty depending on the number of people using it, the climate change or even if there is a lot of wind because it will bring particles, leaves and other elements into your swimming pool.

How often should the swimming pool water be changed?

You must take into account that it will depend on the maintenance that you do, however the prudent time to carry out this activity is between 5 to 7 years. You can extend this time if you use the right swimming pool cleaning technology that will allow you to keep control of the pH of the water, the amount of chlorine and even do it in a regular and orderly manner. Several applications will help you to make cleaning more practical and agile.

Keep in mind that the best time to change the water in your swimming pool is in mild weather, spring and autumn are ideal climates to do this work, because in summer the sun can damage the walls of the swimming pool and even the filtration systems can be damaged. If you do the respective maintenance, you will reduce the water changes that you must do. It is important to manually remove debris such as leaves that fall into the swimming pool and the filter may not pick them up.

How to drain the water from the swimming pool?

You can drain the water when the swimming pool is half full using a submersible pump, make sure the hoses are properly connected, drain into a proper sewer and do not drain more than 12 gallons per minute, the process can take several hours. Do not forget to clean the walls with a brush and at the end of the drainage with a hose remove the debris you see.
You should analyze if it is necessary to empty the swimming pool, do not do it frequently, because if it is not done in a proper way it can be damaged by the hydrostatic pressure, which is the pressure that the groundwater has around and under the pool, in concrete swimming pools there can be movement in the floor which would cause the floor to crack and in vinyl and fiberglass swimming pools the floor can be lifted, so it is best to hire experts in the subject.

Tips for keeping the swimming pool clean

Do not forget to take into account the chlorine levels, it is important to use the product because it will help keep the swimming pool clean from fungi, bacteria and germs. Be aware of the odors that arise from the swimming pool, as there are products that can react with chlorine and emit bad smells such as perfumes, sunscreens, even urine, so it is essential that you make sure that bathers shower before entering the water.

Another important factor to have a proper swimming pool is that the pH of the water is between 7.2 and 7.6 so you can prevent swimmers from having skin irritations derived from an inadequate maintenance of the swimming pool.

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