Pool cleaning technology

Pool cleaning technology

Maintenance of swimming pools are some of the main concerns that an individual has when deciding whether or not to start their construction process. Clean water and balanced water chemistry is the key to pool maintenance. With this being said, technology has played a big role in keeping your dream pool sanitary. This article will tell you about some of the technological options that you can have at your disposal and the options that pool builders can suggest to you.


The creation of robots to clean pools in a more detailed way can be more time efficient, allowing the dirt to be removed better from the pool mechanically.

Intelligent control systems can be very reliable in cleaning the bottom and side walls of the pool during a short time period. The robot works very simply. The device is activated, and the robot employs the rotating brushes, and starts to remove all the dirt. Depending on the device you buy, you will see these.

Swimming pools are becoming more and more technological. These applications have been used in many fields, and are convenient enough that you’re able to control from your mobile device. For instance, there are apps available today that allow you to control the maintenance, while others that can manage the temperature or change the color of the lighting in your pool.

Maintenance applications

In this category, we find two types of applications, some are focused on calculating the chlorine and the corresponding pH that our pool should have. Taking into account the amount of water and the concentration of chlorine. The only thing to do is to indicate the action to be performed, and it will calculate the type of maintenance and how to do it according to the parameters.

Other apps need the number of liters of water that our pool contains. It calculates the chemicals that should be used and can also generate calculations of how often they should be cleaned and how. In addition, you can schedule it according to the time of the year and keep a record of what we have done.

In this case, we will list some of the apps that you can use.

  • Pool Tips
  • Piscine test
  • Pool maintenance

Alternative elements to help clean the pool are important. Supporting cleaning processes with technology in these times of so many advances can optimize time and allow us to take care of other activities. Nevertheless, it is great to have professional advice before using all these implements. It depends on the type of pool, the material, and the conditions of the environment, and a knowledgeable person can guide you better. A person who can periodically test and clean the space will serve as a valuable complement to the applications or robots.

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