Common pool problems and how to prevent them

Common pool problems and how to prevent them

When you want to have a swimming pool at home is essential to do a good maintenance to avoid headaches, however from the beginning things must be done correctly, so it is necessary to hire a company specializing in swimming pools, with several years of experience, a legally constituted company and of which you can have references from other customers. A good installation lowers the possibility of problems in the swimming pool.

In the other hand, if you want to buy a house that already has a swimming pool, it is necessary to hire an expert in swimming pool certifications to make an inspection where he can give you a report of the state of the swimming pool, from the constructed part to the state of the machines that contribute to the maintenance and care.

Now, in this article we will tell you about common pool problems and how to prevent them:

Green water

If one day you see that your swimming pool is green, it is because of the amount of algae that have grown in the water, this problem is generated by lack of maintenance and care, however it is easy to solve, what you should do is to give the water a good amount of chlorine, to control the pH which should be between 7.2 and 7.6. After this procedure you should remove the dead algae with a brush and vacuum the water.

It is necessary that you take into account if you should change the pool water, since after some years it is important to empty or change the water for the safety of the swimmers. One of the best times to carry out this process is autumn or spring.

Cloudy water

Seeing the water, but not reaching to see the floor of the swimming pool means that something is not right, usually the transparency of the pool is lost when there are too many bacteria, which again indicates that chlorine is missing, since this product is the one that kills bacteria in the water. What you should do is to take a chlorine test and thus begin to place the missing product to have a balanced pH, on the other hand if your swimming pool is uncovered, it would be necessary to place a screen to prevent it from getting dirty by the wind.

Filter with heavy use

Filters should be checked constantly to keep them clean, because if you use the swimming pool a lot and the people who enter the water have oils or sunscreens, the filter gets dirty faster. If the filter is dirty it is more likely to appear algae, the ideal is to clean it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A clean filter uses less energy and keeps the water clear, ideal for swimming.

pH skin damage

When the pH of your swimming pool is below or above 7.2 to 7.6 it can cause skin irritation, sore throat and burning eyes, so constant pH testing of the water is essential.

Leaks or cracks

If you see that the level of the swimming pool has dropped faster than normal, you should observe if there is a crack in the walls of the pool, if the level dropped to a certain point, the crack may be above the level where the water was left, but if you do not see anything with the naked eye the crack may be at the base of the pool, depending on the number of years it has been built you can place a patch, otherwise it is best to hire experts to analyze the problem and tell you the best solution.

Another place you can look at is the pipes, sometimes they are leaking and just need to be replaced.

As you can notice, the problems will be easily avoided if you do constant maintenance and are aware of each part that makes up the swimming pool.

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