Can swimming pool cause itchy skin

Can swimming pool cause itchy skin

There are different factors that can cause itchy skin after being in contact with the water of a swimming pool, itching can cause inflammation or irritation, give a reddish color to the skin, sometimes blisters appear and people can even feel pain. This irritation can be called contact dermatitis, which develops due to allergies or infections generated by microorganisms in the swimming pool.

It is essential to know the type of skin of each person, since some have sensitive skin and may be more exposed to irritation in contact with water, children have more sensitive skin than adults so they may itch after a long day in the swimming pool.

Causes of itchy skin

High levels of chlorine

One of the biggest causes of itchy skin is the excess of chlorine used to kill bacteria, although this chemical is an integral part of the water in a swimming pool, you can not forget that it is very strong which generates excessive skin irritation and dehydration, so you must have specific measures of the product for the maintenance of the swimming pool. If you have a swimming pool at home and you have doubts about the chlorine measures and other chemicals to be used for the maintenance of the swimming pool, it is essential to look for suitable people who can explain how to treat the water so that it is clean and suitable for swimming.

When there is excess chlorine in the swimming pool and some itching is generated, this may disappear in a few hours or maybe a few days, however there are people who may suffer an allergic reaction which produces skin inflammation, such as psoriasis or eczema. Having the swimming pool with high levels of chlorine can cause red eyes, sneezing or frequent coughing, also discolor swimsuits and pool liners.

Other symptoms that people may experience are cracked skin, due to the dryness caused by chlorine, scaly patches and even bleeding of the skin. If preventive measures are not taken and exposure to water with high levels of chlorine continues, chronic inflammation of the skin can occur, which causes the person to feel a lot of pain.

Microbial rash

An allergic reaction may occur due to parasites that enter the skin and are found in the water, which are generated by mammals or aquatic birds that have contact with the swimming pool. These animals release the parasites into the swimming pool causing skin irritation, which makes people feel like scratching and hurting their skin, however humans are not suitable hosts for these parasites, so they die soon after being in contact with people. Although the itching is uncomfortable and produces small pimples or blisters, they disappear on their own and do not generate complications.

Poor swimming pool maintenance

Some itching is associated with allergic reactions to algae or other organisms that can be found in the water, for not doing proper maintenance to the swimming pool, so it is essential to have a kit for cleaning a swimming pool, which will allow you to maintain a clear water, a hygienic and suitable space for swimmers.

Finally, to avoid skin itching, it is necessary to take a shower after leaving the swimming pool, moisturize the skin with a hypoallergenic lotion or cream, if you see that you are generating skin allergies do not continue swimming in that swimming pool until you control the chlorine levels or make an urgent maintenance to the water, if you see that the symptoms worsen consult a doctor.

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