Can structural cracks in pools be repaired?

Can structural cracks in pools be repaired?

Having a swimming pool at home gives us duties that we must fulfill, one of them is to perform a periodic review of the physical condition of the swimming pool, in order to check for cracks or fissures that may damage the structure of the pool, which can be very costly if not repaired in time and dangerous for bathers who enjoy the summer in the water.

It is normal that, after some time, concrete swimming pools show cracks or fissures in the corners and even in the floor. In order to make the necessary repairs to the swimming pool, it is necessary to find the root of the problem.

Types of cracks in the swimming pool

– Superficial cracks: They usually appear more frequently, however, there is nothing to worry about since they are easy to repair, do not affect the structure of the swimming pool, are filled with resin and reinforced with a containment mesh.

-Structural cracks: This type of crack can create water leaks, which can be noticed because you have to fill the swimming pool more frequently. The swimming pool can crack for several reasons among which are: settlement of constructions, bad materials for the swimming pool, a bad construction, subway water, freezing and thawing, earth movements, as it would be the case of an earthquake.

The most advisable thing is that if you observe that your swimming pool has cracks of any kind you should think about looking for Pool Builders near me, so that they can help you solve the problem in a timely and effective manner, a bad repair could worsen the situation, that is why it is essential to look for trained and expert people in swimming pools that can give you excellent advice and do a good job to avoid having higher expenses in the future and thus be able to enjoy your swimming pool for a long season.

Repairing cracks in the swimming pool

Each season that we have in the year allows us to perform certain activities, in the case of the repair of the pool the best time is winter, since the pool is empty and if we wanted to repair it in summer the high temperatures can hinder the work. The steps to repair the cracks are the following:

  • Find the crack
  • Check the size of the crack by removing the surrounding coating
  • Injecting epoxy or polyurethane into the crack
  • Apply hydraulic cement over the crack.
  • Staple with rebar.
  • Tear out and redo the damaged area when it is not easy to repair.
  • Coating with tiles or waterproof paint.
  • Cover joints with special mortar.

Following the steps and knowing the type of crack you have will help to choose the right materials to make the respective repairs and avoid future cracks that may affect the structure of the swimming pool which may even involve removing a part of the walls or floor, generating large expenses in repairs.

This is a problem that can be avoided from the beginning, when you are going to start the construction in the backyard of your house, because if you take into account the necessary conditions are required for the design of a swimming pool you can avoid several inconveniences in the following months, for example you must keep in mind that the floors and walls are solid, the surface and the floor of the swimming pool must be finished with soft and waterproof materials, likewise, the pool shell must have a good water tightness.

Remember that having an ideal and safe space to enjoy the summer requires maintenance and constant observation of the swimming pool. We must take care of every corner of our house including the space where we are going to swim and relax with family or friends.

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