What conditions are required for the design of a swimming pool?

What conditions are required for the design of a pool?

Many of us have dreamed with the idea of having a swimming pool in the backyard of our house, to share with our family and friends, however we have many doubts about the design, space, size, among others and we always want to make the best decision where the budget is taken into account and at the same time that everything we have in our imagination becomes a reality, so it is essential to hire the best pool consultant in the state where we live, so we will minimize risks, expenses and increase the chances of having the best oasis in our home.

To have more clarity about the type of land you have, the depth you can achieve with the pool and even the shape, it is necessary to make a study on the ground, to determine what are the variables to consider when designing the pool. Likewise, this process gives you clarity on where to install the pipes, the water pump, among other mechanisms to give a good use and maintenance to the pool.

Always keep in mind

  • The floors and walls of the pool should be solid.
  • The interior surface and floor should be finished with a smooth waterproof material for easy cleaning.
  • The water level should be optimal for a clear and clean pool.
  • The pool shell should have good water tightness.
  • For the safety of children and the elderly, there should be steps.

Now, it is necessary to know for what activity you want to use the swimming pool, for bathing, swimming, relaxing or training, and if you want it with cold or warm water. All these variables will determine the ideal size, depth and even the shape of your new space. There are different materials to make this construction a reality, however, concrete swimming pools are characterized by allowing you to build the shape you want, likewise, although they are more expensive to build, they are the least expensive when it comes to maintenance and allow you to place the tiles you like, giving a touch of originality and exclusivity, since the space will be completely customized to your taste.

Keep in mind the types of swimming pool finishes you can use such as: plaster, tiles or aggregate, which have different colors or textures, you must choose which one is more convenient to avoid water filtrations. Visually one finish may be more attractive than another, depending on your tastes, also knowing which one you want to use will help you in the design and budgeting process.

It is essential to design the green area where the swimming pool will be located, since there are some trees with big roots that can affect the swimming pool and lift the tiles, however, there is a diversity of water-resistant plants that look aesthetically beautiful next to the swimming pool and do not affect the water and the water does not affect the plants. So, you get a pleasant, relaxing, natural and ideal space for fun.

Indoor or outdoor swimming pool

You need to be clear about how you want your swimming pool, as there are variables to consider. The uncovered swimming pools are ideal to receive the sun which allows them to have a pleasant temperature, keep in mind that the drainage services, electricity and gas supply lines must be near. Now if it is covered, it must have the water heating system, the good thing is that the dirt by leaves or other organisms carried by the wind disappear because it remains closed.

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