Can Dogs Drink Pool Water?

Can Dogs Drink Pool Water?

When there is a great hot day in summer we want to enjoy our pool to the fullest with all the family members, including our pets. When these beautiful days arrive and we want to enjoy the water, we usually have cold drinks nearby to help us quench our thirst, dogs also get hot and it is normal for them to feel thirsty and when they see a great source of water such as a pool, they will want to go for a drink.

Many people seek to have a swimming pool that your dog can enjoy, so they place stairs, floats or suitable spaces for your pet can also swim and enjoy the hot days, it is recommended to seek advice from experts in pet adaptations to give you the necessary guidelines that will allow your dog can enter and exit the swimming pool easily and safely and even for you as an owner to be calm and can place barriers and alarms to alert you of the dog’s entry into the water to avoid any accident.

Is it dangerous for the dog to drink water from the swimming pool?

Many people worry when they see their pet drinking water from the swimming pool, as it contains chlorine, bacteria and chemicals that are used to maintain it, however in small quantities, swimming pool water can be drunk without health problems, even when we swim we also accidentally drink water.

However, everything in excess is bad, especially when the swimming pool has high chlorine levels, or on the contrary it does not have the necessary chlorine and therefore the swimming pool is full of algae, bacteria, microbes or insects. When your swimming pool is not in optimal conditions for swimming, you should perform a chlorine shock, in this way the chlorine and pH levels will be in normal, it is recommended to keep the dog away while the chlorine process is performed to the water.

One of the most toxic products that your pet can consume are chlorine tablets, it is essential to keep them in a place where your dog cannot reach them as they could be harmful to his health. If your dog drinks a lot of water from the swimming pool, you can change the chlorine for bromine. This product is more expensive, however it is safer for your pets and you will avoid health problems for your dog.

What are the symptoms of intoxication in your dog?

Among the symptoms your dog may have are: irritation in the mouth, esophagus and stomach, vomiting, loss of coordination, drooling, pale gums, dilated pupils and even swelling. If you see any of these symptoms, it is best to take your dog to the veterinarian.

How to prevent the dog from drinking water from the swimming pool?

The moment you see the dog drinking water from the swimming pool, stop him and place his cup of fresh water nearby, you can call the pet’s attention with a toy and food or if necessary train him not to drink from that water, dogs are intelligent and will understand when you order him not to drink from the swimming pool.

Finally, remember that doing a good maintenance to the swimming pool will help to keep the water safe for humans and pets, because it is inevitable that when you swim you will drink water. Change the pool water every so often will allow you to have a safe and optimal space to enjoy every time you want to get in to play, share with friends and family or even relax and unwind.

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