Are LED pool lights safe?

Are LED pool lights safe?

Lighting swimming pools is a plan that many people have in order not to miss any moment of fun no matter if it is day or night, however there is the question of how to light the swimming pool? This article explains what is the best lighting to customize your space in an elegant, economical and safe way. Do not forget that the success of a swimming pool will depend on who builds it and also on who illuminates it, so we recommend you to hire professionals and experts who are interested in your tastes, designs and especially in your well-being.

When you decide to illuminate the swimming pool you want to be able to see at night everything that is inside the space, have a relaxing atmosphere and that the swimmer is safe, because we know that the combination of water and electricity is not a very good idea, however there are mechanisms specially designed so that it is not dangerous to have light under water, this technology is in the LED lights, specially designed to submerge them up to one meter deep, have built-in heat sinks, are small and maintenance is not expensive.

Why are LED lights an excellent option?

First you should know that the visible light of the bulbs are lumens, a normal 100 volt bulb generates approximately 1,500 lumens, but the LED light generates the same with 14 or even 20 volts. It is an option that saves money and energy. They also provide greater safety because LED lights are brighter and bluer which provides a higher frequency and is favorable to the human eye.

They are ideal for customizing your swimming pool because you can find them with white bulbs or colored LED bulbs, these bulbs are called LED RGB (red, green and blue), with which you can create different colors, for example, if you turn on the three colors at the same time you will get white light, if you turn on only red and blue you will get magenta color or if you turn on green and red you will get a yellow color. Depending on the intensity of each color you can obtain different colors.

It is important to know that LED lights use less volts than a traditional swimming pool bulb, you can find 12 volt LED lights which guarantee a good illumination and are less dangerous in case of an accident, but you can also find 120 volt systems, however make sure they are installed by a professional electrician.

The LED lights have a lower volt system that allows them not to emit too much heat, you will notice it because when you touch it you will not feel hot; if you need to replace any part you can do it safely because it will be cool enough to change the necessary part, do not forget to do the work out of the water for your safety.

Always look for quality in the product, do not use plastic accessories because they do not have the necessary resistance to provide safety to swimmers, plastic is more prone to damage which will incur more expenses because you will have to change it constantly. LED lights are more expensive, but they have a longer useful life, are resistant, consume less energy, which in the long run will generate economic savings.

Finally, do not forget that to have a proper swimming pool to enjoy safely, you should not only look at the decorations, it is very important to do maintenance, today there is pool cleaning technology, an advanced system with which you can remove dirt from the bottom and walls of the pool with robots in an agile and safe way, you can keep track of hygiene and schedule cleaning as needed. For more information on this process we invite you to read the following article.

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