Year Round Pool Builder Carolina Pool Consultants Offers Professional Concrete Pool Design and Installation in Lake Norman

Homeowners in Lake Norman North Carolina that are thinking about building a pool in their backyard should really give Carolina Pool Consultants a call to discuss their options and compare the differences between fiberglass pools and concrete pools in Lake Norman. We have many years of experience, live and work locally, and can bring your vision for your backyard to life.

We hear all the time, “What is the difference between “fiberglass pools versus concrete pools in Lake Norman” and the simple answer, on the surface, is price. You will always be told that fiberglass pools are cheaper to install. But what these fiberglass pool installers don’t tell you is the long term costs associated with fiberglass pools. Because fiberglass pools must be backfilled into place, typically with sand, they are subject to a whole slew of problems, from bulging sidewalls, spider cracks, major leaks, and even surface blemishes.

Don’t spend thousands of dollars investing in your backyard with a pool that is destined to fail. We can build you a truly custom concrete pool; any shape, size, or depth that you want and have it completed and ready for the next summer season. Concrete pools typically have a larger up front cost, but the low maintenance requirements that concrete pools have versus the headaches fiberglass pools cause is well worth the cost.

Call Carolina Pool Consultants to schedule your inground concrete pool installation in Lake Norman with our year round pool builders. Don’t wait until next summer to get your pool installed; we install pools year round so your backyard can be ready for a summer of fun!

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