Why are gunite pools more durable?

Why are gunite pools more durable?

Swimming pools have gained a lot of interest, due to the pandemic. Having an inground concrete pool can be great to complement your backyard. In this article, we want to go into detail about the importance of gunite, during the construction of a concrete swimming pool.

The gunite pools use the following ingredients: water, cement, and aggregates. Which are the components of concrete. These types of pools use a permanent rebar frame that will help maintain the shape. It is applied by layering the gunite with a cold spray gun.

High-pressure spraying of the concrete mixture helps to have greater coverage as the gunite can reach more places within the space.

The steel framing underneath is extremely durable, complementing the concrete layers. It means that those cracks that usually appear due to tension in traditional concrete do not appear when using this method.

Many may have concerns with the seams in traditional construction methods with concrete pools. With gunite, this kind of problem does not occur. That is why the overall structure is not weakened.

Spraying the concrete pool with gunite allows for greater coverage. In this case, allowing a firmer structure.

Now, having told you all of this, it is important to know that this method of pool construction has many more advantages when it comes to having a long-lasting product. The following are some of the characteristics that make them stand out from the rest.

These swimming pools can be customized to your desire. Galvanized gunite pools can be built in any size or shape and are a perfect addition to your backyard.

Other advantages that gunite has are the finishes. A wide variety of finishes are available in the market, and they integrate perfectly with the different complements you want to have in the space. Jacuzzis, terraces, showers, and more accessories are great ideas to add. Plaster, glass, and quartz are the most common finishes, all of which are applied after the gunite layers have cured.

Pool Finishes

As we already said before, the possibilities in terms of design are very wide. You can let your imagination and creativity run wild here. For example, you can create a spa, relaxation area, have a tanning rack for the summer season, build a grotto or even create a bar near the pool area to enjoy with your friends or family.

Can pool features transform the environment of your home?

A construction such as a swimming pool can be something that transforms your home. For this reason, it is good to learn more about this method in order to make the best decision that fits your needs.

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