What's Better, A Concrete Swimming Pool Or Vinyl Swimming Pool?

What’s better, a concrete swimming pool or a vinyl swimming pool? Throughout North Carolina, our CPC Pool builders have been providing homeowners with a concrete understanding of vinyl pools vs concrete pools, a comparison that over the years has helped them save thousands. To truly understand why, we need to understand how each pool is constructed.
Vinyl pools DO have a lower entry cost, and they DO have recurring expenses that end up making them more expensive than any other form of pool. Take for example the vinyl liner used in construction; every 3-8 years this liner must be replaced, at an average cost of $4000.
Homeowners intending to stay on their property for any period of time quickly will see costs rise through the roof (as this price doesn’t even include repair or maintenance costs), quickly exceeding the costs other pool variants could accrue.
What really hurts homeowners is the depreciated home value that comes with vinyl pools; potential buyers look at these things, along with the costs of being lumbered with recurring replacement bills shortly after purchase.
Concrete pools in comparison to vinyl pools have very little to no repair or maintenance fees- poured on the spot and reinforced with rebar, our concrete pools can be designed to any size and shape, meaning our Carolina Pool Consultant team can turn your dream pool into a reality!

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