What type of tile is best for swimming pool?

What type of tile is best for swimming pool?

When we are projecting the construction of a swimming pool in the backyard of the house, we are looking for it to look aesthetically beautiful, also to be seen as a pleasant, friendly space that makes us want to enter the water. It is at this point where we must choose pool tiles that suit our needs, our budget and meet the requirements we have requested.

There are several types of tiles that can be used such as glass, stone, brick, mosaic, porcelain and ceramic. The one you are going to place in your pool should be water resistant and provide durability. Make sure that the tiles are not on a mesh, because it does not guarantee the ideal coverage for the space. Therefore, it is essential to hire pool installers to advise you and help you decide which is the best style and material to have the pool of your dreams.

Glass tiles

If budget is no problem and you are looking to be environmentally friendly, this type of tile is ideal for you. They are small square-shaped tiles, made of recycled glass, which makes them durable and non-porous. These tiles have a variety of colors for you to choose according to your taste. At the same time, you should know that the installation takes approximately 4 weeks.

The interesting thing about glass tiles is that they do not absorb other substances, they resist the chemicals used for water maintenance, algae do not damage them and they adapt to the curves of your pool design.

Stone tiles

This type of tiles give your space an architectural and classic look, you can combine it with the decoration of the garden. Remember to include sandstone, slate, travertine, flagstone and blue stone, because these types of tiles are porous and should be maintained every few years to avoid damage.

Brick tiles

These tiles are not modern, but they give a great look to your pool, they are not very durable because they are porous, so you must seal them every year, to ensure that water does not leak. The predominant color is red; however you can find other colors.

Mosaic tile

It has a variety of colors and adapts to each pool, the mosaics are different pieces of glass, porcelain or ceramic tiles and when combined they create unique designs. It is necessary to drain the pool every two years to clean these tiles and remove algae and mold.

Porcelain and ceramics

This option has been the most popular for many years to place in swimming pools, as it is economical and easy to install. This type of tile is soft to the touch which makes children or older adults at ease, because the material will not cause them harm or scratches. Porcelain and ceramic tiles do not absorb heat and are easy to clean.

Installing tiles in your pool will also depend on the material in which it is built, one of the best materials for the pool is concrete, which is considered one of the most resistant, adaptable to the design you want and although it is expensive to build, its maintenance and care is economical, so having a guide to concrete swimming pools will be useful for you to see the benefits of this material.

Now that you know the types of tiles that exist and the benefits or cons that each one has, you can decide which one best suits the style of pool you want in your backyard, so that it is a customized space, safe, clean and meets the needs you have.

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