What is the best size of home swimming pool?

What is the best size of home swimming pool?

When we make the decision to have a swimming pool in the backyard, many questions arise: What material will I use? How much money should I invest? What is the ideal size? Is the space I have enough to build a swimming pool?

It is common that we all ask ourselves these questions, since building a swimming pool in the backyard of the house is a luxury we want to have to enjoy the hot summer days with our family and friends, but we want everyone to feel happy and comfortable, so it is essential to seek pool builders who support you throughout the process, to make a study of the surface, tell you the best measures according to your space and listen to your needs to create together the best swimming pool.

It is important that you have clear what you want to build a swimming pool for, because it may also depend on the size you need, what is the purpose, for example, if it is for family use, for exercise or for aesthetics of your property. Likewise, you must know what are the limitations of your land, if you want to leave space for the lawn and even what are the regulations according to the state where you live.

Size of the swimming pool according to number of people

Consider whether you have small children or people with limited mobility, as this will tell you whether you should have a shallow space and a deeper space for adults or people who can swim without difficulty. Among the measures you can decide on are the following:

If your swimming pool is for a total of six to eight people you should build an 18 foot by 36 foot swimming pool. This space gives you the freedom to swim, play and can even include one to five more people.

If the capacity you need is five or less people the size can be 16 feet by 32 feet. This will be a swimming pool where you can rest, swim and use in a quiet way.

If your yard is smaller and you only require a swimming pool for three or less people the measurements are 14 feet by 25 feet. With this size swimming pool you can play, sit and take relaxing days in the water.

It is also important to know if your swimming pool is for exercise, since these swimming pools must be rectangular in shape and at least 30 feet long, so you will have the necessary space to swim and exercise.

Shape and material of the swimming pool

The most common designs are L-shaped, which allow you to be creative or rectangular, which give straight and sharp edges, widely used in modern homes, they can also be round.

The designs you want to have in your swimming pool depends on the material in which you build it, for example if you want to have a swimming pool in fiberglass, you must go to choose the size and shape, as these are made in equal molds, now if you want it in vinyl, you must first make a plastic or guinea metal frame where you recreate the shape you want and then make a vinyl liner, but the most suitable to place the design you want, in the space you have and the most resistant are the concrete swimming pools, they have more construction time, but it will adapt better to all the needs and requirements you want.


The value of the construction of the swimming pool will depend drastically on the size, the material and the accessories that you want to place. Likewise, the maintenance of the swimming pool will depend on the same factors, so before starting the construction, sit down and decide which is the best option for you.

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