What is a raised bond beam?

What is a raised bond beam?

Building an in-ground swimming pool needs a design that fits the needs. There is one fundamental component required to make such a pool, which is the bond beam.
The bond beam is a thick layer of concrete that fills the voids along the top of the pool and the perimeter. Its function is to create a barrier between the pool and the surrounding debris.

The bond beam is quite thick, being at least a foot or wider, and reinforced with rebar and other materials. It gives additional support and protection for the pool while providing a way for the pool to be joined to the surrounding border and patio. A raised bond beam can be used on a pool that rests against a raised lawn area, creating a retaining wall for the land area.

These are fundamental, although they can also be built with elevated link beams to give an aesthetic look to the pool. You will notice them as walls that rise on one or two sides. It is normal to add sheer descents or lighting to these.

How is a bond beam installed?

It requires that the people who perform it have the proper experience for its installation. In this way, a bond beam manages to give the appropriate structural support to the pool so that it perfectly adapts to the edge of the pool, the environment, and other elements of the swimming pool.
It is essential to keep this in mind as any mistake can lead to costly problems in the future.

Does the bond beam have an aesthetic function?

Although the bond beam is not visible when the pool is finished, it provides a layer for the coping and the surrounding patio. In many cases, all these elements are poured into a single unit to give them structural integrity.

If you want to embellish the beam, you can use materials such as pavers or natural stones to form the border. The bond beam would be installed separately and then sealed before installing the pavers. In the case of raised bond beams, to give it some aesthetics, additional accessories, such as fountains or lighting, can be added to complement the space. In this case, raised beams can have some advantages.

Benefits of having a raised bond beam

Pool support, allows homeowners to build a pool that completely adapts to the terrain. If the area is hilly or irregular it will help give balance to your swimming pool. This feature helps protect the pool structure from the ground, so adding it to the design will be very helpful

Something essential, aesthetics, we have spoken about it before but, there is nothing nicer than being able to be in a pool that we also enjoy visually. The beam can be a complementary accessory to the garden space, enhancing nature and giving it attractiveness. It could be in tile or quartz material. It can be customizable according to the taste and design of the pool.

In short, a tie beam is a must-have element that brings many advantages. Although it gives a touch of luxury to the pool, it contributes to supporting the base. Always remember to be attentive to the people with whom you are going to perform this type of procedure. Being well advised and hiring the best in your area can save you many problems in the long run.

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