What are the three types of pools?

What are the three types of pools?

When we are going to build our swimming pool in the backyard of our house, we always ask ourselves: What types of swimming pools are there? Which one is the best for me? Which one adapts to my needs? To solve these doubts it is essential to know: How is the space you have for the swimming pool? What is your budget? If you have any specific design and finally, the most important thing, in the pool construction, is to look for the right people to carry out the project of your swimming pool, assuring that you will be able to enjoy the summer heat from your home.

In this article we tell you about the 3 types of inground swimming pools you can have in your home: concrete pools, vinyl liner pools and fiberglass pools. Read the benefits of each one and make the best choice for your family, your comfort and your needs.

Concrete Swimming Pools

These types of swimming pools are built by digging a hole in the ground, then the sides and the floor are covered with rebar, keep in mind that the designs you can make are infinite, you also have the possibility to add steps, ramps and more features you want, because the material allows it. Then a gunite finish is sprayed on the surface and when everything is dry it is covered with plaster which makes the swimming pool waterproof.

Gunite swimming pools are considered the most common, they are also characterized by their durability and resistance, although they are expensive to manufacture, their maintenance is the most economical and it is very likely that you will not have to replace it. Check this guide to concrete swimming pools where there is detailed information about construction and maintenance of this type of swimming pool.

fiberglass swimming pools

These swimming pools are installed in the hole that has been made in your garden, they adapt to your space, they are prefabricated which means that many of the same ones are manufactured and you must choose the one you like the most, they cannot be customized. Their installation is quick and easy which makes them usable almost immediately, they are also swimming pools in one piece and are covered with fiberglass, which is a flexible, lightweight and durable material. It should also be noted that their interior is slippery.

Su mantenimiento es fácil sin embargo después de 10 años por la exposición al sol y los químicos que se deben utilizar para el mantenimiento, la fibra de vidrio se deteriora y no se puede recubrir porque una nueva capa no se adhiere fácilmente.

Vinyl liner swimming pools

This type of swimming pools, like the previous ones, are built inside the garden hole, a metal, plastic or gunite frame is made, a desired shape is created and then a heavy vinyl liner is made and thus the swimming pool cover is formed. The bottom of the swimming pool sits in sand or other material and the top is pressed by the coping, thus creating a finished edge and functioning as the edge of the cover.

It is considered the most economical swimming pool, vinyl comes in various colors, it is also important to know that they do not crack if the ground has movement. This material deteriorates quickly due to the chemicals to which it is exposed, however it has fungus inhibitors, which allows it to extend its useful life to 10 or 18 years.

Don’t forget to check which of the swimming pool types suits your space, your comfort, your economy and your time, the one that meets your expectations and needs.

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