What are the disadvantages of an indoor pool?

What are the disadvantages of an indoor pool?

We have all wanted to have a swimming pool to enjoy throughout the year, however due to the weather seasons we are forced to only enjoy the pool in summer time, but there is a solution and they are the pool covers, which are ideal to have total fun 365 days a year. However everything has pros and cons, so in this article we will tell you what are the disadvantages of swimming pools covered so you can make the best decision.

It is important to look for a pool consultant who can advise you because each space and each house are unique and require personalized advice so that you have an ideal space for relaxation. They are also the right people to listen to you and materialize your needs and requirements.

First of all, it is important to know that having a pool cover has the advantage that it becomes a more private and safe space, you can use it all year round, the maintenance costs in the swimming pool decrease, dirt such as leaves or insects do not fall into the swimming pool and sunburn is avoided.

Now, when we have a swimming pool cover we must analyze the following points:

Initial cost

It is important for you to know that building an indoor swimming pool is much more expensive than building an outdoor pool, a full size pool cover can be around $200,000. Clearly the price varies depending on the size and space you have.

cost of heating

When we have an outdoor swimming pool we can feel that the water gets warm because the sun heats it, however when we place a cover the sun can not heat the water so you must make an investment to have a heater to keep the water warm so you can enjoy the swimming pool even in winter.


Indoor swimming pools have more humidity in the air than outdoor pools, so it is essential that you purchase special equipment to be able to treat the humidity that an indoor swimming pool has.

Broken or damaged covers

When a cover glass is damaged, it must be replaced for safety reasons. The panels are located above the swimming pool and it may be necessary to place scaffolding inside the pool to reach the damaged glass in order to replace it.


Mold and mildew may grow in the space, so it should be pressure washed at least twice a year. This will keep the space clean and pleasant.

It is common that people want to have accessories that make their swimming pool a more comfortable and relaxing space, an option that is used a lot are the waterfalls in swimming pools, because they can be adapted to any space, they look aesthetically beautiful, allows the oxygenation of the water, among other advantages that favor your swimming pool.

However in the summer many people want to enjoy their waterfalls outdoors, then another option that can be acquired to have a swimming pool covered and at the same time uncovered are the retractable covers, you can choose it with a line of high, medium, or low height, that will depend on your tastes and needs. These types of covers open when there is sunny weather and close according to your needs, so you can enjoy the sun during the summer with an outdoor swimming pool, but also enjoy a heated swimming pool in winter and covered.

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