We're Still Working For You During COVID-19, Call The Best Concrete Pool Builder In Newton NC

For years CPC Pools and our staff of experienced pool builders have worked within our local communities from Newton NC and beyond to transform your backyards into your own personal paradise. Even during the COVID crisis we want to assure our community members that we’re working for you – call 704-799-5236 to get in touch today!
Building with concrete allows us to truly customize your pool, creating a one of a kind centerpiece around which you and your family members will make memories for years. Over the lifespan of a pool concrete in facts ends up being less expensive than either vinyl pools or fiberglass pools!
Did you know that fiberglass pools are formed from a mold, before being transported to your home? While this creates a lower entry cost than fiberglass, it creates complications in the form of hairlines fissures as the pool is transported to your home. Furthermore, molds are limited – concrete is truly the only way to add in all the custom features you could dream of!
Save on new pool construction with the help of our seasoned and experienced pool building crew, we’ve been serving families throughout Newton NC and beyond for years! Our staff are a wealth of knowledge, and are more than happy to answer all your pool related questions. Browse through our new pool catalog today for examples of our works!

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